Bristol County, MA & Providence County, RI 

 Roof Storm Damage

Water damage from roof leaks and sump pump failures affected Massachusetts and Rhode Island after the remains of Tropical Storm Philippe battered the area on October 29th-30th. Widespread power outages lead to many sump pump failures in homes and businesses. Sump Pumps are common in homes built on soil containing a high water table and prone to flooding. The pump is installed in the ground of the basement to pump water out and keep the basement dry. Without a battery backup, these electric pumps stop working during power outages causing water to flood the basement. 

The wind-driven rain was also a culprit of water damage during this storm with almost 5 inches of rain in some areas of RI. With wind gusts over 70 mph in coastal Bristol County, MA, large trees took out power lines all across the area. It is estimated that 1.2 million customers in the Northeast were impacted by power outages from this storm. As trees came down and shingles were ripped off roofs, homes and businesses suffered substantial water damage. 

Our crews responded to calls for water damage cleanup and restoration across Providence County, RI and Worcester & Bristol County, MA. Technicians quickly got to work on emergency services including water extraction, temporary tarping and board-up, cleaning & sanitizing affected structures, and setting up drying equipment. 

Basement water extraction 10.17Pumping over a foot of water out of a basement in Warwick, RI

Rainstorm carpet extractionExtracting standing water from a carpeted basement in Auburn, MA

 SanitizingCleaning and sanitizing a home's ceiling in Norwood, MA

 Attic equipmentEquipment placed in an attic after a roof leak in Taunton, MA

wet carpet equipmentEquipment placed in an office affected with a roof leak in Attleboro, MA

 If your home or business requires water damage restoration from a roof leak or a sump pump failure, contact the experts at ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning.