July 31, 2017- 10/10 for Water Damage Restoration

"Thank you for all your hard work, very professional. Above and beyond my expectations". 

Georgina G. in Charlton, MA

July 21, 2017- 10/10 for Water Damage Restoration

"Very professional and didn't make a mess when doing their work".

Frank M. from Riverside, RI

July 18, 2017- 10/10 for Water Damage Restoration

"Very friendly and professional".

Kevin M. from Bristol, RI

July 6, 2017- 10/10 for Water Damage Restoration 

"Great people". 

Maire N. from Spencer, MA

June 23, 2017- 10/10 for Fire Damage Restoration 

"The men that cleaned never stop. They are extremely thorough. They are also very polite. I would recommend this company to everybody".

Susan C. from Pawtucket, RI

May 28, 2017- 10/10 for Odor Removal Services

"It makes the house smell new and really does work. I wasn't sure at first about spending that kind of money for cleaning the air but it is fantastic. I recommend it to anyone who needs their house to smell like new".

Lisa S. from Milford, MA

May 25, 2017- 10/10 for Water Damage Restoration 

"They were very kind and caring. They did not make us rush, it was a very emotional time and they were absolutely amazing. I would highly recommend them to anybody that needs any type of restoration fire or water etc. We have insurance from the USAA, I would definitely call them so you guys can be on the list of who they recommend to fellow military members. What the guys did and how they treated a fellow veteran was truly a blessing. One of the men that were working was a veteran too. He was a very, very nice man and connected with my husband right away. I can't say enough great things about them. Thank you for everything". 

William and Emily C. from Milford

May 5, 2017- 10/10 for Water Damage Restoration 

"The superior job they did cleaning, drying and disinfecting the entire area. The employees were professional and courteous".

Vincent P. from Coventry, CT

May 1, 2017- 9/10 for Pipe Break Damage Restoration 

"Very rapid, thorough and clean work was performed on this flooded residence. Communication with ServiceMaster Dynamic was excellent". 

Michael M. from Leominster, MA

April 26, 2017- 9/10 for Water Damage Restoration

"They tried to maximize protecting my floor, but acknowledged that more needed to be taken up".

Alan E. from Westborough, MA

April 21, 2017- 10/10 for Water Damage Restoration 

"Professional and friendly. The on-site manager was excellent!"

Richard S. from Foxboro, MA