DerekWe are happy to introduce you to another ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning team member. This month we put the spotlight on Derek Degrazia, our fleet and warehouse manager in the Plainville, MA location. His role includes checking the inventory of supplies and materials, coordinating and repairing vehicles and equipment, and managing contents pack out storage. Derek is amazingly helpful, hardworking, and easy to get along with. He has been with the ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning team for 5 years. 

Q & A with Derek:

Q- What do you like about working for ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning?

A- Seeing the vehicles and equipment I maintain being used every day to get our jobs done.

Q- What makes you successful?

A- Having a strong work ethic and help from good co-workers.

Q-What has been your most memorable project at ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning?

A- Building our newest truck-mount box truck from start to finish.

Q- Give us your favorites.

A- Favorite food- raw littlenecks. Travel- cruising and going to tropical destinations. TV Show-Seinfield.

Q- Any random facts you can share with us?

A- I have two dogs and four chickens. 

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