studentsOn average, 3,800 house fires occur in college housing each year1. With many students heading to college for the first time, it is important to remind them of fire hazards while living in college dorms, Greek housing or off-campus housing. 94% of fatal college fires took place in off-campus housing2. Relaxed rules and oversight in comparison to the college dorms create an environment of freedom for the first time for some young adults. It's important with this added responsibility that students keep safety in mind when making choices. Educate yourself or your child before the new semester starts with these recommendations. 

tree roof damage

tree fallA late May storm brought high winds, lightning, and heavy rain to Worcester County. A residence in Westborough, MA, sustained significant damage. A large tree fell, crashing through multiple windows on the rear of the home. Debris and broken glass littered the home's bedrooms and living areas. The property also suffered a lightning strike that shorted out the electrical system. 

Dog and CatA house fire can be one of the most devastating events that can happen to your family. While fires happen every day, most people do not realize that their beloved pets can pose a fire safety hazard. Pets and animals have a part in starting about 700 home fires per year according to the NFPA. For example, a dog in Connecticut jumped up to steal a piece of pizza off the stove. The dog bumped the stove knob and set the pizza box and the kitchen on fire! Another hungry pup in Massachusetts executed a similar strategy, this time with leftover pancakes.  Dogs are not the only culprits. A cat in Orange County, CA knocked over a candle, starting a fire that caused $15,000 in damages and displaced six people. Protect your family and home with these recommendations.

mold from fridge leak 2Our restoration team had the privilege of restoring a home in Weston, MA after sustaining water damage. The water line to the refrigerator let go, slowly leaking water into the home's kitchen. The leak went unnoticed for some time, resulting in mold growth on the drywall and insulation behind the refrigerator and kitchen cabinets. Appliance malfunctions are one of the most common causes of household water damage. As for the refrigerator, the ice maker water lines are often made from thin plastic tubing. These water lines can split and or form a pinhole-sized leak, allowing water to slowly seep into the surrounding cabinets and flooring over time, so much so that the homeowner does not even know there is a leak until after the damage is done. 

luggageThe end of a vacation can be a letdown but coming home to find your house flooded is even worse. No matter the time of year, water damage is a possibility. Be it frozen pipe bursts during the Winter holidays or rising flood waters during Spring break. Give yourself peace of mind while you're away from home for an extended period of time. Explore ways to prevent water damage with these expert suggestions. 

truck mount extractionA daycare in Gardner, MA had the misfortune of a sewage pipe leak a short time ago. The crawlspace under the building bore the brunt of the damage with 4 inches of standing black water. Water containing sewage or other harmful contaminants are considered 'category 3' water damage and must be mitigated with care and proper disposal. The business owner trusted the experts at ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning to get the job done with minimal interruption. 

Our crews were on location within 3 hours of the first call for help to begin emergency water damage mitigation. The pipe break necessitated an in-depth cleaning of the crawlspace. Odor mitigating equipment was immediately set up on the main level to eradicate the unpleasant odor. The plastic vapor barrier did not cover the soil completely, allowing the water to penetrate the dirt floor of the crawlspace. The technicians had to extract the standing water and sludge and complete a muck out of the area. Finally, lime was spread to absorb additional moisture after sanitizing the entire affected area. 

Dryer FireDryer problems cause thousands of fires every year. The leading cause of dryer fires is a failure to clean. We've responded to thousands of fire damaged homes over the years, many of them listing the home's dryer as the source. 

Routine maintenance will help extend the life of your appliance and reduce energy usage. Not only will your clothes dry faster, saving you time and money but also reduce the likelihood of a fire. These 7 tips will help keep your home and family safe and thwart dryer fire damage.