It's never a good thing to see spots on your walls, especially if they indicate mold growth. According to the Insurance Information Institute at least 1,000 species of mold are common to the United States - and mold is everywhere. While most molds are not hazardous, too much exposure to some molds may cause asthma or other health issues.  And even if the mold doesn't cause health problems, it can definitely damage your home.

Mold growth is most prolific in warm, damp weather, but high moisture levels indoors and poor ventilation can contribute to mold growth at any time of year.  At ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning we get phone calls from customers with mold questions year round.  The two main questions are always the same:  is the mold damage covered by insurance and can you get rid of it?

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Mold?

The cost of mold remediation can be expensive.  And whether your homeowner's insurance policy will cover mold damage depends largely on the underlying cause of the mold.  Insurance companies typically exclude coverage for ordinary mold because while the damage is not intended, it is also not accidental, but results from circumstances that can be controlled by home maintenance and repair of deteriorating property.  Thus mold caused by water from humidity, slow leaks, or condensation is excluded from coverage.


In general, homeowners insurance will pay for mold damage that is a direct result of sudden and accidental water issues.  For example, if a pipe bursts in your basement and mold growth results, the damage should be covered because the source of the water is covered by the policy. Remember to investigate to make sure your pipes were in working order and that there were no defects or failures.  But even if the damage is covered, many policies cap damage at a certain amount so it is important to always read your policy and know your coverage details.  A home insurance policy that contains coverage for mold will have limits stated in the policy.  The amount of coverage can vary but is normally between $5,000 and $10,000.  Some insurers may offer higher amounts of coverage which depend on the type of policy and any endorsements that have been added.

If You Have Mold, We Can Help

If you have a mold problem at your home, we can help.  ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning technicians are trained to assess the problem and determine a solution that works.  We work with your insurance company and are happy to determine a solution that works for you if there is no coverage.  Our goal is to make your home safe from mold and keep costs reasonable.  Please call us at 800-865-5157 or contact us now and let our mold remediation experience solve your home's mold problem.