Providence Home Overwhelmed with Hoarding and Mold

Living room before close up

Hoarding is a complex anxiety disorder that makes it difficult for someone to discard or part with items. At ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning we work with people battling a hoarding disorder to help them restore their homes and their lives. Our trained professionals execute a proven process to help people affected by hoarding and overwhelming clutter to clean out a home and continue to move towards a clutter-free life.

When a family member of a Providence homeowner reached out to ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning looking for hoarding cleanup help, our team was up to the challenge. Most of the living spaces in the home were overwhelmed by heavy debris and clutter including the kitchen, living room, bedrooms, and bathroom. Additionally, mold was discovered in the partially finished basement. 

Working with the homeowner, our project manager created a list of personal contents and furniture they wished to keep. Once this was achieved, the technicians began the large task of disposing of the unwanted items. Approximately ten tons of debris was removed from the property. With content removal complete, the crews set to work cleaning and sanitizing the living areas of the first floor. In the basement, wet building materials containing mold spores such as drywall, wood trim, carpet and wood flooring were removed and disposed of. Finally, the techs sanitized the ceilings, walls, and floors followed by the set up of drying equipment. 

A visual recap of the hoarding and mold remediation process:

Dining Living before   kitchen before    Living room before close up

 Dining Room Before                                                             Kitchen Before                                                                                    Living Room Before

dining living room after   kitchen after   living room after

Dining Room After                                                                  Kitchen After                                                                                 Living Room After

Basement mold before   mold on door 1   mold on drywall

Mold was located in the partially finished basement

mold demo and sanitizing   mold remediation   drying equipment

Removal of wet and moldy materials                       Cleaning and sanitizing affected structures                      Drying equipment was set up for proper drying

After the job concluded, the property owner commented: "everything was great" and rated us 10/10 on the customer satisfaction survey. We were happy to help this Providence homeowner restore their home and hopefully a part of their life. Hoarding is not an easy disorder to overcome and we applaud this client for taking the first step towards a clutter-free life. 

If your home requires hoarding cleanup or mold remediation, contact us at 800-865-5157. We do more, so you don't have to.