tech demo ceilingA home in Worcester, MA suffered water damage from a roof leak a short time ago. The homeowner trusted the experts at ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning to perform professional water mitigation services. The bathroom, office, and bedrooms were affected by water damage to the walls, ceilings, and floors. Residents of the property noticed the paint on the ceiling and walls was peeling and bubbling, a common sign of water damage.

Additionally, the ceiling developed staining and water spots. The leak had gone unnoticed for some time. Unfortunately, even behind the walls mold can begin to grow within as little as 24 hours if not mitigated properly. Our technicians are specially trained to handle and treat for mold damage after a water loss. Once the walls were opened up and the wet insulation was removed, we properly treat and sanitize the affected areas. If not addressed, mold damage can lead to health issues and structural damage to the home.  

Our technicians quickly got to work extracting water and drying the structure. The roof leak demanded a thorough cleaning of several rooms. Water mitigation included removal of waterlogged building materials, HEPA vacuuming of finite particles and sanitization to prevent mold growth. Drying equipment of air movers and dehumidifiers were used to get the home back to pre-loss condition. 

Here's a peek at our water damage restoration process:

 ceiling water damage   wall water damage   window water damage

                                                                Water Damage to the bedroom walls and ceilings 

tech demo wall   wall after   ceiling demo

                                                        Technicians work to remove wet materials before cleaning and sanitizing is completed

The property was dry and the job completed within 5 days. Our crews worked quickly to restore the owner's peace of mind. If your home or business requires water damage restoration from a roof leak, contact us 800-865-5157.