ceiling moldA boiler malfunction is to blame for the water damage to a Providence County home. Steam rose from the boiler affecting multiple levels of the property. The owner called the professionals at ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning. With all three floors affected with water damage and heavy mold in the basement, a thorough cleaning and sanitizing of the structure was required. Our crew promptly got to work executing water damage mitigation.

Heavy microbial growth required opening the finished basement by removing the drywall and insulation. The technicians extracted standing water, removed the wet carpet and set up drying and equipment to prevent further damage. Contents affected by heavy mold growth were disposed of and a dry cleaner was arranged for the cleaning of soft goods like clothes and bedding. Water mitigation was completed on the second and third floors including removal of unsalvagable building materials and applying an anti-microbial agent to prevent mold growth. Equipment was set up and closely monitored to thoroughly dry the structure. 


A peek at our water and mold remediation process:

 attic mold   contents mold   window mold

Examples of the mold damage in the attic, contents, and basement.

Extraction   living room demo   laundry encapsulation

Extraction, demolition, and encapsulation in progess

   Utility room demoliving room hepa vacuum   basement airmovers

Insulation removal, HEPA vacuuming, and drying equipment

We were privileged to help these homeowners restore their home and their peace of mind. Using innovative technology and products, our technicians worked laboriously to get the home back to normal quickly. If your home requires water damage restoration or mold remediation, contact us now. 

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