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commercial walk throughAt ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning we pride ourselves on open and continuous communication with our insurance partners during the claims process. Documenting a loss with cutting edge technology allows us to make this process a smooth and efficient one. We also get the property owner back to normal quickly with as little interruption as possible. Digital cameras have been used for decades to help us capture and estimate a disaster restoration loss. However, creating quick and accurate estimates in the field with only these 2D images is difficult, In the restoration and insurance industry, the use of 3D cameras has elevated our performance.


How it works

The Matterport 360 camera allows us to document a loss using 3D technology. The property is brought to life in immersive 3D, with multiple views.

  1. We scan the property using a 3D camera in the field.
  2. Within hours, the virtual space is ready for the estimating process with a sketch and dimensions. No more tape measures, hand-drawn sketches or sorting through hundreds of photos.
  3. Adjusters can review the loss with ease online prior to arriving onsite or not at all! The exact dimensions are captured with no ability to alter the images or measurement and they are accurate within 1%.

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Pre-Loss Contingency Planning

 In a disaster, every second counts. A delay of a few minutes could be catastrophic and costly for a business. Do your employees know how to locate and shut off the main water valve if a pipe breaks? How about the fuse box or fire extinguishers? Once the immediate threat is mitigated, who do they call? This is where we come in. As a Priority Response Partner, we will scan your property and create a 3D resource map for your managers. Digital tags within the 3D photos allow us to label important emergency features such as the main water shut off location, electrical panels, and utilities. Website links and photos or videos can also be embedded including important details like insurance information, emergency contacts, and building access information.


ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning's disaster restoration services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We have the professional expertise, technology, and resources to clean and restore your property after a fire or water damage disaster. We also understand how critical it is to get your business or home up and running again as quickly as possible. If your home or business requires fire, smoke or water damage restoration, contact the experts at ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning.