ceiling stainWater Damage Restoration in Ashland, MA

A home in Ashland, MA suffered water damage after the washing machine sprung a leak. The washing machine was located on the second floor of the home so water traveled down through the floor to the ceiling of the finished basement below. The homeowners trusted the experts at ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning to restore the water damage to their home. Our crews were on site the next day to begin the remediation.

Before beginning the water damage restoration, the techs covered all furniture and electronics as well as the carpeted floor to protect them from the wet ceiling drywall. The water from the pipe leak had saturated the ceiling tiles in the basement storage area and the drywall ceiling in the family room and required removal for proper drying. We were able to dry the walls of the laundry room in place and saved them from removal. We always do our best to repair vs. replace to save the homeowner the time and money of reconstruction. Our technicians are WRT certified by the IICRC and are trained to use advanced products and procedures to ensure your home is restored quickly and efficiently. All affected surfaces were cleaned and sanitized to prevent any microbial growth. Finally, air movers and dehumidifiers were placed according to IICRC standards to aid in the dry out process. We care about our customer's homes and their health. The technicians followed all PPE (proper protective equipment) standards during the water damage remediation process but they also made sure to wear face coverings since they were working in an occupied home during the pandemic.  The demolition of drywall causes micro particles and debris. We take care to protect your property and clean up before we leave so you are not stuck cleaning up construction dust. 

A behind the scenes look at or technicians in action:

 drop ceiling demo      ceiling stain1   wet insulation

                                 Ceiling tile and drywall removal                                                  Wet insulation, dripping water

 living room contents protection   cleaning and sanitizing floor   equipment

Protecting contents during demolition                   Cleaning and sanitizing                              Drying equipment 

The property was dry and the job was completed in 3 days. We are happy to help these Ashland, MA residents get their home back to normal quickly. As the leader in this industry for more than 20 years, we've perfected the process for quickly identifying damage, determining the restoration services needed, and minimizing trouble and inconvenience on your end. 

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