wet papersWater Damage Cleanup in Rhode Island Office Building

ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning recently restored an office building after suffering water damage from a broken pipe on the fourth floor. The offices were located on the ground floor with three levels of apartments above them. When the bathtub supply line let go in one of the apartments, it sent water cascading down through the ceilings to the occupants below. The property manager called on the experts at ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning to get the tenants back in business quickly with minimal business interruption. Our crews were onsite within 3 hours to begin emergency restoration services. 

The water damage restoration technicians began by extracting the standing water from the carpeted office areas and set up professional equipment to begin drying the building. Ceiling tiles saturated with water were removed and disposed of. Computers, furniture, and equipment were elevated to allow for airflow and drying. All affected areas were properly cleaned and sanitized to prohibit mold growth that is common after a water loss if not handled quickly. Unfortunately, there were quite a few documents stored on the floors and desktops that suffered water damage as well. If immediate action is taken, you can save most documents after water damage. If you cannot air dry wet papers within two days, it is advised to freeze them until professional restoration can be completed. 

Pictures of our water damage techs in action:

wet carpet extraction   ceiling tile removal   drywall demo

Technicians extract standing water from carpeted areas, remove wet ceiling tiles and drywall

techs extraction   Wet files on office floor   Wet files off floor

 Before and after of one of the water damaged office cubicles

The job was complete and the building was dry within 6 days. Our crew was happy to help the property owner restore the water damage and get the tenants back to normal quickly. If your home or business requires water damage restoration from a pipe break, we can help. Contact us 24/7/365 and learn more about our restoration services here. We do more, so you don't have to.