Water damage from a bathroom pipe break

mold on basement ceiling beamsA building in North Attleboro suffered from water damage and subsequent mold damage after a toilet supply line let go. The property was home to a bar and restaurant that had closed. Unfortunately, the bar was unoccupied at the time and the pipe leak went unnoticed. Without proper mitigation, water damage can lead to mold growth in as little as 24 hours. When the unexpected happens, expect nothing but the best. Our crew was at the location within 3 hours of the call for restoration to begin emergency services.

The areas affected with water damage consisted of the main bar area and storage area in the basement below. You can see in the following pictures that the hardwood floors had begun to buckle and the flooring tiles had begun to lift. We can often save hardwood floors from water damage if caught quickly. However, the longer water damage sits unchecked, the more damage and rot it leaves behind. Our team removed the wood and tile flooring in order to sanitize the subfloor below and prevent mold growth. 

warping wood floors   water damaged tile

The basement storage area had a few inches of standing water that had rained down from above. The technicians extracted the water so they could clean the water damaged areas. Professional drying equipment was placed throughout to dry the building including air movers and dehumidifiers. Our team also remediated the mold growth so the building was safe to begin reconstruction services.

Here's an inside look at the water damage restoration project:

 removing wood floor   cleaning storage 

 hallway equipment   drying equipment

 When the unthinkable occurs, we provide high-quality service efficiently to minimize business interruption and mitigate claim severity. We have the expertise to expedite the remediation and restoration process to get you back to normal quickly and seamlessly. If your business requires water damage restoration, contact us 24/7/365.