Providing Water Damage Restoration Services 

wet file boxes closeupA commercial building owner in Worcester, MA called in the professionals at ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning to help restore their business. The property's water heater tank burst, causing water damage to the storage room and the utility room. The business specializes in site development and stores all their file blueprints and job documents in their file room. Unfortunately, the file boxes were cardboard and many of them were stored on the floor. Our water damage technicians are specially trained to handle this type of job and were on-site to begin emergency services within one hour of the first call to our office. 

The team began the drying process by extracting an inch of standing water from the floors and setting up our drying equipment. It is always best to keep files on shelving and in plastic bins if possible. Even when you store cardboard boxes up off the floor, the water line can sometimes reach higher than the shelves, as was the case with this job. Rather than restoring the wet documents, the owner chose to have us dispose of them. Wet documents and file boxes were bagged and brought out for disposal. We relocated the unaffected file boxes so we could access the wet drywall behind the shelving units. You can count on us to take care of your belongings during the restoration process. Proper precautions are taken to ensure the property's floors and fixtures are not damaged during the demolition process. Once the wet files and building materials were removed, we were able to sanitize the areas to prevent any mold growth. 

Here's a look behind the scenes:

wet documents    extracting water   furnace room demo

techs removing drywall   drying equipment   file room after

The job was dry and complete in ten days. When the unexpected happens, ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning provides high-quality service efficiently to minimize business interruption, mitigate claim severity, expedite the water damage restoration, and get you back to normal quickly. We are available 24/7/365. Contact us any time for water damage restoration.