ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning repairs water damage from a frozen pipe break.

Winterize an empty houseA home in Worcester County, MA experienced a water leak after the pipe in the living room's baseboard heater frozen and subsequently burst. Water spread through the living room into the first-floor kitchen and hallway and down into the finished family room below. The carpet and ceiling tiles were saturated with water in the family room and the water seeped under the hardwood flooring in the upstairs living room. The home was empty at the time. You want to maintain the heat in your property to at least 55 degrees to avoid a frozen pipe break in a vacant home.

Our crews were on the job within two hours to help the property owners. Water had spread to the kitchen but we were able to save the linoleum by drying the building materials in place. Unfortunately, the water had seeped under the flooring in the living room, requiring removal so we could dry the areas properly. Our project managers used thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters to evaluate the extent of the water damage. With these tools, we only remove the materials that are necessary for a proper dry out. By only removing what is absolutely necessary, you save money and time on rebuild, getting you back to normal faster. Our trained technicians completed the required demo to meet IICRC drying standards and cleaned and sanitized the areas. Once dry, the home was ready for reconstruction.

Some highlights of our water damage restoration process:

 broken baseboard heating pipe   subfloor damage   drying equipment

 Before and after photos of the water damage this leaking pipe caused to the home's living room floors

removing stairway carpet   basement restoration in process   basement after restoration

The water leaked into the downstairs family room where we removed the wet ceiling tiles and insulation to help complete the mitigation process 

Our crews worked diligently to restore this home back to normal. We understand that disasters are a time of uncertainty. Since we've experienced it all before, we're proud to help guide our customers through these unsettling times, providing support and guidance from beginning to end, to help our customers navigate the solution that's right for them. We are available 24/7 every day of the year to help our customers through the worst. Contact us at 800-865-5157. We do more, so you don't have to.