21 0259 wet file cabinetPipe Break Causes Water Damage 

After a pipe broke in the office of a Massachusetts Town Hall, ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning was called in to help. The property manager trusted our team to get them back to business fast with minimal interruption. Our crews responded quickly to begin performing emergency water damage mitigation. The pipe break affected the offices on the main level and the basement conference room and storage below. The government janitorial workers removed some of the standing water and fallen ceiling debris, then we took care of the rest.

Water damage technicians began by moving the contents out of the office to prevent further damage and allow for cleaning. Large furniture was placed back after cleaning on raised blocks for drying. We were able to save the carpets because the employees took action right away and called us. Instead of removing the carpets, our crew cleaned and deodorized them saving replacement costs. Drying equipment including fans and dehumidifiers were set up to complete the drying process. The basement below received the brunt of the water damage. In this area, we removed the saturated sheetrock, vapor barrier, and insulation. All exposed areas were cleaned and sanitized to prevent microbial growth.

Our techs in action:

 21 0259 wet meeting room   21 0259 damaged ceiling   21 0259 cleaning carpet

                                                                             Carpet and ceiling water damage

21 0259 meeting room after   21 0259 basement demo   21 0259 meeting room equipment

                                                                           Water damage mitigation

The customer commented that "the crew was phenomenal, they did a great job". The job was complete and dry within 6 days. If your government municipality building requires water damage restoration, we can help. We have the professional expertise and resources to clean and restore your property after water damage. We are available every day of the year to help you through the worst. Call 800-856-5157. You can trust that ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning will minimize interruption, mitigate claim severity and get your property back to normal quickly.