ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning Performs Commercial Water Damage Restoration 

Trucks at Canton PlaceAn office Building in Canton, MA was stricken with water damage from a pipe break in the building's main drain line. Multiple offices, cubicles, storage rooms, bathroom, and main hallway were all impacted by water damage. The property manager called the experts at ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning who were on site within an hour.

Providence Home Overwhelmed with Hoarding and Mold

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Hoarding is a complex anxiety disorder that makes it difficult for someone to discard or part with items. At ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning we work with people battling a hoarding disorder to help them restore their homes and their lives. Our trained professionals execute a proven process to help people affected by hoarding and overwhelming clutter to clean out a home and continue to move towards a clutter-free life.

thermometer hot temperatureWhen the temperatures soar and the humidity reaches oppressive levels in New England, many homeowners retreat inside to the air conditioning. Keep your central air conditioner unit in top shape with routine maintenance to avoid water damage with these tips.

Why do AC units leak?

The most likely culprit of water damage from a central AC unit is condensation. Condensation forms when the unit pulls warm, humid air in for the cooling process. The liquid created by the condensation is directed to the drain pan and then released through a drain pipeline. If this line gets clogged, the water will back up into the house, causing extensive water damage. 

Water Damage Restoration from a Leaking Toilet Supply Line

Before After office floodServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning was dispatched to a local commercial building that sustained a leak in the building's toilet supply line. A leaking toilet supply line is one of the most common causes of water damage we are called to restore in bathrooms. Our team arrived within 2 hours of the property manager's call for help. Once on location, we began emergency water mitigation services in the affected offices, bathroom, and unfinished basement storage area. Water damage restoration services included extraction of standing water, cleaning and deodorizing carpets, sanitizing structures to prevent mold growth, removal of wet insulation and ceiling tiles and finally set up drying equipment.

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Homeowners can prevent mold growth through everyday measures. Mold thrives in moist environments such as basement and bathrooms. The most effective way to keep mold from growing in your home is to monitor the humidity level by using a dehumidifier and/or air conditioner during the warm humid months. Additionally, homeowners can control mold growth by using exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathrooms. But what happens when you can't control the moisture caused by a roof leak, appliance failure, or a groundwater flooding? The key is to act quickly to prevent mold growth after a water damage loss. 

Commercial Property Disaster Preparation

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Is your business prepared for a disaster? According to the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA), 40% of small businesses do not reopen after a disaster. There are simple steps that you can take to make things easier to recover after a fire or water damage loss. Act quickly and follow these preventative tips from the Restoration Industry Association.

Every emergency preparedness kit should be tailored to meet your family's needs. Store the items in a sturdy, waterproof container and keep where it is easily assessable in an emergency. It is also a good idea to keep a smaller, portable version in the car if you are caught away from home.

Hurricanes, blizzards, freezing temperatures, flooding and even tornadoes are all disasters Massachusetts and Rhode Island are familiar with. Preparing before the onset of a disaster helps to avoid the notoriously long lines at the grocery store with empty bread and milk shelves, and forget about finding portable generators at the hardware store. Having essential survival items ready to go is the key to weathering any storm.