vandalism damageDisaster cleanup after car slams into storefront

A small business in Worcester County suffered damage after a vehicle lost control and hit the building, smashing its front windows and inventory of wine bottles. We've all seen the news reports; an elderly driver accidentally hits the gas instead of the brake or a new driver puts the car in drive instead of the reverse. Unfortunately, these situations happen more often than you'd think. On average, 60 storefront crashes are reported a day, 22% caused by operator error. But what happens when the news crews leave and the car has been towed away? That's where we come in. ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning is trained in specialty cleanups assisting property owners after vandalism, severe storms, and other catastrophes. 

wet papersWater Damage Cleanup in Rhode Island Office Building

ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning recently restored an office building after suffering water damage from a broken pipe on the fourth floor. The offices were located on the ground floor with three levels of apartments above them. When the bathtub supply line let go in one of the apartments, it sent water cascading down through the ceilings to the occupants below. The property manager called on the experts at ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning to get the tenants back in business quickly with minimal business interruption. Our crews were onsite within 3 hours to begin emergency restoration services. 

ceiling stainWater Damage Restoration in Ashland, MA

A home in Ashland, MA suffered water damage after the washing machine sprung a leak. The washing machine was located on the second floor of the home so water traveled down through the floor to the ceiling of the finished basement below. The homeowners trusted the experts at ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning to restore the water damage to their home. Our crews were on site the next day to begin the remediation.

CampfireThe summer season brings a flourish of activities. Seasonal events like backyard cookouts, family camping trips, and 4th of July fireworks are all typical traditions. Home fires are most common during the fall and winter months but the risk of fire damage does not decrease with people spending more time outdoors. Learn how to stay safe this summer with these recommendations. 

Prevent Fire Damage by Grilling Safely

grill flamesSummertime and grilling go hand and hand. Cooking burgers, hosting barbeques, and socializing with friends are some of America's favorite past times. But it pays to be cautious when cooking on the grill.  Grill fires on residential properties cause $37 million in property damage each year1. Over half of grill fires occur between the summer months of May and August, with July being the peak month2. Don't let fire damage ruin your summer. Keep safety in mind when cooking on the grill with these expert tips.

Reopening Massachusetts

cleaning stairwellServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning can help give your employees and customers the confidence to return to business as usual. As the country begins to relax stay at home orders and businesses reopen, companies must have plans in place to further reduce the spread and threat of the current virus. At ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning, we are the experts in disinfection services you need to get your business back up and running. The COVID-19 pandemic will affect how we think and behave, in the near future and in the long term. Public opinion about business and life, in general, will be shaped by a much greater awareness of potential infection. Every business, school, church, and facility space must now be concerned with preventing infection exposure, not just regular cleaning. ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning has the experience, knowledge, training, and national network to meet your needs on an ongoing basis. Disinfection goes beyond a standard cleaning service and requires specific protocols.  

 JCP ServiceMaster Restore FireDamage 1832 FINALEveryone loves a home-cooked meal. Gathering around the table with delicious food and family can bring joy no matter what the season or occasion. But many home cooks, both experienced and novices, unknowingly put themselves and their family at risk. These cooking safety errors can lead to disastrous consequences. Cooking fires are the number one cause of home fires at 49%*.