ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning Provides Water Damage Restoration

submursiable pumpA local Massachusetts home suffered water damage after a pipe broke in the upstairs bathroom. A family member was checking on the home while the owner was away on vacation. Upon entry, the friend discovered the burst pipe in the master bathroom had flooded the carpeting and tile floor in the bathroom and master bedroom. A foot of water was in the basement below. The homeowner trusted the experts at ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning to restore their home. Our team was onsite within an hour of the call to help with water damage cleanup.

19 1616chandelier imagingIn the disaster restoration industry, we work on all types of buildings. Most of the time we restore your typical, run of the mill residential homes and commercial properties. But there are times when we are called to mitigate water damage at a building that contains some unique features like textured walls, vaulted ceilings, or ceilings with decorative elements. It's during these situations that we need to open up our toolbox in order to mitigate the water damage quickly and efficiently.

ice dam houseWater Damage Caused by Ice Dams 

The New England winter of 2021 saw an above-average snowfall. Combined with artic temperatures, this created the perfect atmosphere for ice dams to form. What is an ice dam? Ice dams are a buildup of ice on the edge of a building's roof, usually at the gutter or soffit. You'll notice icicles hanging off the eaves in many cases with a thick horizontal wall of ice. Ice dams form when the air in the attic is warmer than the soffits of the roof. The warm attic air melts the snow on the roof causing water to run down to the overhang. The air here is colder, causing the water to refreeze. Over time, this happens again and again until there is a thick buildup of ice trapping the water behind it. The real problem is when the edges of the roof are blocked by ice, there is nowhere for the melted water to go but back up into the house causing water damage to your home.

WaterDamageLeakImagine a spring day, the flowers are just beginning to bud, the last of the winter's snow is melting and the past 2 days have been steady rain showers. As you head downstairs to the family room you discover 6 inches of water covering the carpeted floor. The sump pump you installed last year when you finished the basement has stopped working. You quickly call your insurance agent for help. But your agent informs you that you never updated your home owner's insurance policy with the renovations and you do not have sump pump coverage to pay for the water damage restoration. Now, what do you do? All hope is not lost! In our 23 years of disaster restoration experience, we have seen it all. Most homeowners do not carry additional flood insurance unless mandated. At ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning, we work with you to get your home back to normal quickly while keeping costs down.

ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning repairs water damage from a frozen pipe break.

Winterize an empty houseA home in Worcester County, MA experienced a water leak after the pipe in the living room's baseboard heater frozen and subsequently burst. Water spread through the living room into the first-floor kitchen and hallway and down into the finished family room below. The carpet and ceiling tiles were saturated with water in the family room and the water seeped under the hardwood flooring in the upstairs living room. The home was empty at the time. You want to maintain the heat in your property to at least 55 degrees to avoid a frozen pipe break in a vacant home.

faucet bwThe average household uses approximately 80-100 gallons of water per person per day. For a family of 4, that's almost 2,500 gallons of water a week! The largest portion of this consumption comes from bathroom use. Flushing the toilet uses the most water, followed by taking a shower or bath. With that much water running through the home, water damage in the bathroom is bound to happen. Knowing how to spot signs of a water leak is essential to preventing long-term damage. This guide provides you with tips to reduce the impact of water damage on your bathroom.

Helping a Cumberland, RI renter clean up after a fire

stove fire closeupEven a small fire can cause significant damage. This was the case when one renter got a call from her landlord that her apartment was on fire. The fire started in the kitchen when the stove knob was accidentally bumped on, igniting a cutting board. Luckily the fire was put out quickly but smoke had spread throughout the home. When certain materials burn, they create a thick, black smoke that sticks to surfaces. This type of smoke damage smears easily and cannot be cleaned with traditional household cleaning solutions. The renter hired the experts at ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning who were onsite within an hour of the first call for help. Our team uses specialty smoke restoration techniques and equipment to clean fire damage.