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Priority Response Partnership

We know that every hour your facility is down, your costs increase. ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning has emergency services available for drying and restoration to remediate conditions caused by floods, windstorms, fires, accidents and other casualties at any type of facility. Our mission is to understand your critical operations so we can restore your facility to pre-loss condition as quickly as possible when a disaster occurs. In a disaster, every second counts. A delay of a few minutes could be catastrophic and costly for a business. Do your employees know how to locate and shut off the main water valve if a pipe breaks? How about the fuse box or fire extinguishers? Once the immediate threat is mitigated, who do they call? This is where we come in. As a Priority Response Partner, we will scan your property using a 3D camera and create a resource map for your managers. Digital tags within the 3D photos allow us to label important emergency features such as the main water shut off location, electrical panels, and utilities. Website links and photos or videos can also be embedded including important details like insurance information, emergency contacts, and building access information. To learn more about our FREE Priority Response Program, please call 800-865-5157 to arrange for an onsite consultation. 

Preferred client benefits include:

  • Priority response when a disaster happens
  • 24/7/365 onsite within 2-4 hours as conditions allow
  • Redundant solution when a regional CAT event occurs
  • Pro-active versus reactive response
  • Pre-agreed pricing
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Detailed 3D property documentation

ServiceMaster Dynamic's Priority Response Partnership Agreement will get you back in business when you need it by offering:

  • Rapid and priority response to a disaster
  • Comprehensive services in large loss management
  • Years of experience working with insurance companies 
  • Professional documentation of your loss
  • Resources to handle any disaster, large or small
  • Expert service in emergency mitigation

Just another way for us to help make sure you get the best service possible.

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