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Let us help you with your pre loss plan

A pre loss plan consists of the necessary data to assist with quickly and efficiently getting you back in business following a disaster. Information that will help us to respond even quicker to the specific needs of your business. By developing a pre loss plan you will minimize your down time, reduce potential lost revenue and provide the peace of mind of knowing who and how your response will be met following a disaster. All you have to do is call our office to arrange for a consultant to come to your business to set up your FREE pre loss plan.

ServiceMaster Dynamic's Emergency Management Response Plan will get you back in business when you need it by offering:

  • Immediate and priority response to a disaster
  • Comprehensive services in large loss management
  • Years of experience working with insurance companies 
  • Professional documentation of your loss
  • Resources to handle any disaster, large or small
  • Expert service in emergency mitigation

We will work with you to create a tailor-made Emergency Management Response Plan that will analyze and identify critical areas and devise a plan to address the following areas:

  • Minimize business interruption sustained as a result of the disaster by reducing the duration of downtime and get your business up and running as soon as possible.
  • Expedite the restoration process by understanding your needs and preferences in advance of an emergency
  • Identify your disaster 'point person(s)' to work directly with ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning throughout the recovery process
  • Establish communication and collaboration with all parties involved such as insurance agencies, adjusters, and government agencies

Just another way for us to help make sure you get the best service possible.